About Us

Come learn about who makes up Full Potential Inc. Get familiar with the friendly faces of our staff and learn about the history of how Full Potential grew into the community it is now.

Our Staff

Meet the staff who make up Full Potential Inc!
Cynthia Church
Cynthia Church
Owner & President
Kris Streeter RN
Kris Streeter RN
Registered Nurse
Cari Book
Cari Book
Compliance Director
Amanda Quaderer
Amanda Quaderer
Billing Director and Individual Intake
Elizabeth Church
Elizabeth Church
Events and Technical Support Director
Kim Landis
Kim Landis
HR Director

Our History

Cynthia Church's family business, Full Potential Inc., is inspired by her son's diagnosis of Autism and moderate mental disabilities. Today Cynthia works as a legal Medicaid Waiver Provider to provide services for participants.

Cynthia continues to extend her hand of encouragement to families struggling with disabilities. She longs to help all of her clients succeed and meet their Full Potential.

Cynthia has proven her dedication in sharing her trials and successes while assisting her rural community for over 20 years. She hosts a resource support group as well as a non for profit 501(c)(3) ministry to families with individuals who are diagnosed with disabilities. Cynthia and her husband Mori have been married for 30 years and have two other adult children. They retired as licensed therapeutic foster parents, and they have loved and cared for over 30 other children in their home.

Mission Statement

Full Potential is committed to the community of individuals who are walking out life with a disability. Full Potential, Inc. will support the individual and family with dignity, integrity and compassion. Full Potential, Inc. is dedicated to assist the individual to experience life, reaching their full potential.

In fulfilling its mission, Full Potential deems itself successful when its clients make progress towards having choices, access to opportunities, skills and supports to live, learn, work and recreate in the community, with their residences and the broader community.

Our Philosophy

Full Potential is committed to:

Safeguarding intrinsic human rights and dignity

Decision-making processes that are client centered


Community inclusion

Personal growth through individually relevant and measurable goals

Behavior change through the creation of “environments for success and competence”

Proactive intervention

Support for the involvement of family and significant others

Staff with a value base and personality factors consistent with Full Potential’s philosophy

Focusing on measuring outcomes